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    To-do list nitty-gritty: how I'm using GTD contexts - The ADHD

    15 Jan 2020 Task contexts: the key to my productivity. In the GTD system, context describes the situation or tools necessary to complete a task. Some of mine 

    Getting Things Done (GTD) in 2019: An Updated Take on How to

    24 May 2019 Secondly, GTD suggests using something called Contexts. Simply put, a context is a tag or note about a task that lets you quickly see how, 

    My Todoist GTD setup - Part 1: Projects, contexts, and actions

    22 Aug 2016 Having a good digital tool to help you organize your Getting Things Done system is essential. In this post, I'm showing you my Todoist GTD 

    gtd – Exploring The Black Box

    know about you, but I have suffered through long years of struggle with contexts. I adore the idea that David Allen proposed in his work "Getting things done", 

    The Evolution of Contexts - Productivityist

    But energy levels don't appear to be factored in when looking at the basic definition of contexts offered in David Allen's seminal work, Getting Things Done.

    How to Create a GTD Workflow Using Todoist (A Step-by-Step Guide)

    Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a task management system created by In GTD, contexts identify tools, places, or people that you require to complete a given 

    GTD Refresh: Contexts and Calendar - Lifehack

    The next step in my return to an orthodox GTD system is to reset all my lists, the physical core of GTD. Longtime readers of this blog know that I've never been very 

    A Fresh Take on Contexts | Simplicity Bliss

    In his original book “Getting Things Done” David Allen used four criteria for selecting the action you should work on next: Context (availability of tools like phone, 

    Why GTD (Getting Things Done) No Longer Works For Me. — Carl

    5 Feb 2020 Things like why am I using contexts? Why do I need to Back in 2009, I read David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD). It's a fantastic book for a 

    40+ Ways to Make Productive Use of Tags in OmniFocus 3 - Learn

    19 Jul 2018 A context is a Getting Things Done (GTD) term that refers to the condition that must be present in order to carry out an activity. Contexts make it 

    GTD – Back to basics 3 – Contexts and Next Actions | Flipping Heck

    8 Jul 2007 In the third post in the GTD Back To Basics series we take a look at what contexts are and how they can be used to simplify your organisation of 

    How Everdo facilitates GTD - Overview

    Everdo makes it easy to get started with Getting Things Done. Areas, contexts and labels help organize your actions an choose what's relevant right now.

    It's All About YOUR Contexts. - Carl Pullein - Medium

    Every time I re-read the Getting Things Done book, I am reminded that a lot of the stress we experience with our work is because we rely too heavily on setting 

    Getting Things Done: Well-Formed Context Lists | Brandon's Notepad

    11 May 2012 Is it any wonder that contexts spark the hottest debates in online GTD circles. NOTE: Before spending a lot of time on next action contexts, 

    Back to GTD: Simplify your contexts | 43 Folders

    31 Jul 2006 This post is part of the periodic “Back to GTD” series, designed to help you improve your implementation of David Allen's Getting Things Done.

    GTD Contexts — Theoretical Practical Guide - Facile Things

    Contexts are a way of modern prioritization and provide the necessary flexibility so that you can adapt your activity to increasingly changing circumstances. They  

    GTD in Roam - Oliver Schmid

    9 Feb 2020 It was a good starting point but it doesn't use GTD Contexts to narrow down Next Actions and relies a lot on drag-and-drop to move actions 

    How to deal with context? - Use Cases - Asana Community Forum

    16 Jan 2017 (Getting Things Done), and if so, how does your team set up contexts in Ruben from Springest is a GTD expert and Asana guru, and he's 

    GTD - different ideas for contexts | Getting things done, Context

    Nov 12, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Emily Sullivan. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

    GTD Contexts: Proactive vs. Reactive - Joe Buhlig

    10 Apr 2015 I've always struggled with the contexts portion of GTD. I've tried tools, loions, energy levels, times of the day, mindsets, and on and on.