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    Readers on Reddit: How do you manage to fit in a satisfying amount

    I'm also trying to finish my Goodreads reading challenge for this year and would like to fit in as If you haven't read any of his work, this is a great way to start.

    Reddit for Writers: 47 Writing Subreddits to Explore - Writer's Digest

    22 Mar 2019 Speaking of, be sure to read and follow the rules of the subreddits you who casually pen short online fiction to traditionally published work.

    Which are the best text subreddits to read at work? : AskReddit

    Which are the best text subreddits to read at work? 4 comments. share. save hide report. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be 

    Submission — PRAW 7.0.1.dev0 documentation - Read the Docs

    See Extracting comments with PRAW for more on working with a CommentForest . crosspost (subreddit: praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Subreddit, title: 

    [Question] Why can I spend hours on reading articles on reddit while

    [Question] Why can I spend hours on reading articles on reddit while barely being able to focus on I'm working on it and have already found a potential fix.

    He's reading my Reddit posts | Love Letters

    6 May 2020 He's reading my Reddit posts. If you're living with a teenager in quarantine – or if you are a teenager stuck at home – the next "Taking Care" talk 

    Perfect 10/10 Books, According to Reddit | Cool Material

    Recently, readers in the r/books subreddit submitted their answer(s) to “Which something we don't fully understand, because if you work your way through the 

    How to read Reddit at work and not get caught - TNW

    Mar 29, 2011 If you are not lucky enough to have a job in which reading sites like Reddit is actually part of your daily work (like blogging), we don't want you to 

    What Is Reddit and How to Use It: The Definitive Guide | Tom's Guide

    Jul 22, 2019 Reddit is open to anyone to navigate and read freely. You can also register and How does the front page work? Reddit has a front page in 

    5 Reddit communities for book lovers – Overdrive's Digital Bookmobile

    6 Sep 2019 Do you ever struggle to get reading into your daily routine? r/52books is a community of nearly 50,000 members all working toward the same 

    Reddit Enhancement Suite - Google Chrome

    Apr 24, 2020 A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience. cookies - the cookies permission is required for Account Switcher to work. To read more about the features of Reddit Enhancement Suite, please see 

    Reddit - Non-Book Stuff: How do you use goodreads? Showing 1-12

    My reading has increased ten fold since I found it, I now know how to find books I am slowly working though the stack and reading them and sorting out the 

    Top 10 Reddit Datasets for Machine Learning | Lionbridge AI

    Oct 9, 2019 Therefore, Reddit comments and posts are perfect for testing and training numerous natural language processing (NLP) models. Some of these 

    Recommended Reading - EMCrit

    This textbook is the book you want to read through before your peds ED to print , this incredible work edited by the master, Amal Mattu, is the one I recommend.

    Reddit CEO: TikTok is 'fundamentally parasitic' | TechCrunch

    Feb 26, 2020 TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms but the CEO of Reddit had some harsh words for the popular app, calling it “fundamentally 

    Reddit - Apps on Google Play

    What is Reddit? Reddit is where topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Start off with what you like and go from there. There are 100K active ones to 

    Romance on Reddit: r/EroticAuthors – UNSUITABLE - [email protected]

    While this was a boon for many voracious readers, authors who allowed their and effort was required (to write a short work) while the return was incredible.

    Anyone else have a job which allows you to read? : books - Reddit

    I use this time to read so it's the perfect job for me. The night shift is better when there's no management and very few distractions. Anyone else on here get 

    Where Trolls Reigned Free: A New History of Reddit - The New York

    Oct 30, 2018 In the beginning, Reddit users simply shared links about interesting things they read. Then comments were added. The job of moderating was 

    Are any of you guys "lunch break readers"? : books - Reddit

    I stopped reading for a long time after college up until I started my current 9-5 job a few years ago. They give me a full hour for lunch every day and I spend