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schedule pronunciation

    Pronunciation of 'schedule' in American and British English

    The word “schedule” can be somewhat confusing, even for native speakers. The reason is that it is pronounced differently in the UK and in the US. In the UK, the 

    The British pronunciation of the word "schedule" - English Language

    From Etymonline: [] the modern British pronunciation ("shed-yul") is from French influence, while the U.S. pronunciation ("sked-yul") is from the practice of 

    Schedule | Definition of Schedule by Merriam-Webster

    Examples of schedule in a Sentence. Noun I have a hectic schedule this week. Students are planning their class schedules for next year.

    schedule | meaning of schedule in Longman Dictionary of

    schedule meaning, definition, what is schedule: a plan of what someone is going to do an: Learn more.

    schedule in Chinese - schedule pronunciation - Ichacha

    schedule in Chinese : :预定. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.

    How to pronounce schedule in English - Definition and synonyms of

    Phrases. schedule example in a phrase. I have a busy schedule today. I have a busy schedule today. pronunciation Pronunciation by Renee29 (Female from 

    10 Words with Alternative Pronunciation - Pronunciation Studio

    15 Jul 2015 schedule. The more traditional British pronunciation uses a 'sh' sound at the beginning of this word, /ˈʃedʒuːɫ/, but the American 'sk' 

    Schedule definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Schedule definition: A schedule is a plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and 

    ELIUP 068 - Pronunciation Accent Reduction :: Class Schedule

    Students learn and practice specific difficult sounds, proper mouth position, stress , intonation, and rhythm, and how to assess and improve their own pronunciation.

    SCHEDULE | Pronunciation in English - Cambridge Dictionary

    6 days ago schedule pronunciation. How to say schedule. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more.

    schedule - Meaning in punjabi - Shabdkosh

    schedule - Meaning in punjabi, what is meaning of schedule in punjabi dictionary , pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of schedule in punjabi and English.

    How do you pronounce "schedule"? - Wordlady

    20 Feb 2015 SKED or SHED? The pronunciation of the word "schedule" is something that provokes quite virulent debate, with some members of each camp 

    schedule_1 noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage

    Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, Definition of schedule noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 

    How to Pronounce 'Schedule' - American and British Pronunciation

    9 May 2017 - How to Pronounce 'Schedule' - American and British Pronunciation Pep Talk India has touched the life of numerous 

    Examples of General American English Pronunciation | Minimal pairs

    The pronunciation of schedule in RP is /ˈʃedju:l/. The pronunciation of either is / ˈiːðɚ/. In RP it is pronounced /ˈaɪðə/.

    SCHEDULE | Pronunciation in English - Cambridge Dictionary

    6 days ago schedule pronunciation. How to say schedule. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more.

    Advanced English Speaking Pronunciation Class | YMCA of

    "Path to Fluency": Pronunciation, Conversation, and Communiion. Our friendly , experienced teachers help you improve your English speaking skills and give 

    schedule - pronunciation of schedule by Macmillan Dictionary

    schedule​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌. noun countable. /ˈʃedjuːl/.. Click to listen to the pronunciation of schedule. Use our interactive phonemic chart to 

    ALI 252: Advanced Pronunciation · USC Schedule of Classes

    Required for international students whose pronunciation skills are assessed at the advanced level by the International Student English Examination (ISE) or 

    Schedule | Definition of Schedule at

    Schedule definition, a plan of procedure, usually written, for a proposed objective , especially with reference to the sequence of and time allotted for each item or